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Our Friends

Some of our friends and associates who we would recommend and encourage you to have a look at their websites




Teamwork Project Manager

We’ve started using this application for project management  and keeping us on track with events, clients and internal projects. Really useful, good value, excellent support and the guys at Teamworks PM are very responsive to queries and suggestions

Gowers Ltd

Our accountants! Exceptionally detailed in their approach yet David can explain a Balance Sheet in 5 minutes using a flipchart and 3 coloured pens!

Luker Rowe

Our Broker, Mark Trossell, makes the minefield of insurance very easy for us. Luker Rowe has a policy tailored to business such as ours and their company travel policy is  excellent.

Logic System Pro Audio

British Loudspeaker Manufacturer – we’ve already got loads of their products and recommend them so highly that we’d even sell Logic System products to you!



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